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Test your IQ with this crack the code brain teaser in 9 seconds!

You know you can do it, so why not give it a shot? Crack the code and show everyone your mad coding skills!

Welcome to the brain teaser of the day ! Are you ready to crack the code? Brain teasers are puzzles or riddles that require logical thinking and creative problem solving. They are great for helping to exercise your brain and they can be fun too!

Today’s brain teaser will challenge your problem-solving skills. You will need to look at the picture carefully, check the value assigned to each item, and use them to work out the incomplete calculation at the end. Good luck! Let’s see if you can crack the code!


Test your IQ with this crack the code brain teaser in 9 seconds!
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Rules to follow to solve the challenge

The challenge requires careful attention and concentration in order to find the correct missing value. To succeed, you need to pay attention to the number of each item on each line of the equation. Each item has a relevant numeric value which will enable you to decipher the final calculation.

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This challenge is of a medium difficulty level, so it may take some time and dedication before you can come up with the right answer.

Therefore, it is important that you take your time and work through each step at your own pace.

Cracking the code in only 9 seconds is no easy task! It takes an individual with a high level of skill and knowledge to be able to complete the challenge. To crack the code in 9 seconds, you’ll need to have an IQ of above 130 or be a genius. Are you up for the challenge?

Do you want to solve the puzzle of the day? Then, you need to train your logical mind. Having a trained brain can help you find the right code quickly and easily – by connecting pieces of information and making sense of them. It’s important to note that training your logical mind is not just about getting better at puzzles. It’s also an essential skill in life. You need logic and reasoning skills to make decisions, solve problems, and think critically.

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But how do you train your logical mind? First, practice with puzzles such as the one of the day. This will help you develop your problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Second, look for patterns and relationships in the puzzle. Third, think logically and systematically – break down problems into smaller, more manageable pieces. Finally, be persistent! It takes time to train your brain.

Have you cracked the code yet?!

I’m sure you have been working hard to avoid all the traps and figure out the secret! Let me know and I’ll check if you’ve done it correctly!

How did you do?

Test your IQ with this crack the code brain teaser in 9 seconds!
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The joys of code breaking

Code breaking games are a great way to exercise your mind and challenge your problem-solving skills.

Many games involve the use of symbols, numbers and letters, so you can use both your analytical and creative skills.

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It’s also a great way to interact with friends or family and have some fun while learning the logic behind codes and ciphers.

Check out today’s break the code game, where you can test yourself by trying to solve a real-life coded message!

The mystery of the brain teaser

This brainteaser is tricky; it looks like a simple riddle, but it has a mathematical solution. The correct answer is not immediately obvious, but there is a code to find.


Look at the picture below and you will find the code.

Can you solve it? The answer to the equation is 1. Congratulations to those who found it in less than 9 seconds!


Test your IQ with this crack the code brain teaser in 9 seconds!
© Idxmatrix



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