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Slice of life advice: ‘How do I tell my partner I’m done hosting christmas day for the whole family?’

Dear Slice of Life,

I’m writing to you with a heavy heart and a sense of frustration. Every year, it seems to be my responsibility to host Christmas day for the entire family. It has become a burden that I no longer wish to bear.

I have had enough.

The planning, the cooking, the cleaning, it all falls on me. It’s exhausting and I feel like I can’t enjoy the holiday because I’m too busy catering to everyone else’s needs.

I’m desperate for a change, but I’m struggling with how to communicate this to my partner. They love our family traditions and I fear they won’t understand. How do I explain this without causing a rift?

How do I stand my ground and assert my need for a more relaxed, less demanding Christmas day?

I hope you can provide me with some advice or guidance on this matter. I appreciate your time.

Yours Exhausted,

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Slice of life advice: 'How do I tell my partner I'm done hosting christmas day for the whole family?'
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Dear Annie,

Firstly, let me acknowledge the heavy burden you’re feeling; your frustration and exhaustion are valid. It’s entirely understandable that you wish to enjoy a more relaxed Christmas day, one that isn’t filled with endless tasks and responsibilities. Hosting a family gathering, especially one as significant as Christmas, can be a daunting task, and it’s okay to want to step back.

Communication is key. It’s important to express your feelings and concerns to your partner. They may not be aware of how much hosting Christmas day has been affecting you. Convey your emotions honestly, yet tactfully, highlighting that your need for a more relaxed Christmas day doesn’t stem from a dislike of family traditions but from the immense pressure and exhaustion you feel.

Remember, your partner loves you and will likely want to understand your perspective. Using phrases like I feel instead of You make me feel can help keep the conversation focused on your feelings rather than assigning blame.

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Propose an alternative. To help your partner understand that you’re not entirely rejecting the tradition, suggest an alternate solution. This could be rotating hosting duties among family members each year, or even considering a potluck-style Christmas where everyone contributes. This eases the burden on you while still preserving the tradition of a family gathering.

For example, our reader John faced a similar situation. He shared his concerns with his family, and they decided to turn Christmas into a potluck event. This not only shared the workload but also brought the family closer as they each contributed to the Christmas feast.

It’s important to stand your ground. It’s your holiday too, and you have every right to enjoy it without feeling overwhelmed. It’s okay to prioritize yourself and your mental well-being over a tradition.

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Remember, this is a process. It may take time for your partner and family to adjust to the changes. Be patient with them and yourself.

Finally, I want to remind you that you are strong and capable. This situation, as challenging as it may be, is something you can overcome. Your needs and feelings are important, and advocating for yourself is a brave and necessary step.

In conclusion, Annie, remember that I am here to offer guidance and support as you navigate this journey. I wish you all the best in your conversations with your partner and hope that you can find a resolution that allows you to enjoy your Christmas day.

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