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Pychology: unlock your brainpower with 7 surprising signs you’re genuinely intelligent

Ever wondered how your intelligence stacks up?

It may be more surprising than you think!

Unlocking your brainpower doesn’t necessarily mean you can solve a Rubik’s cube in seconds flat or score a perfect 1600 on the SAT.

Intelligence, my friends, can manifest in some truly unexpected ways. 

  • Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming or regularly staying up late?
  • Perhaps you’re the person in your group who’s always coming up with offbeat jokes, or maybe you’re just a really messy person? 

Believe it or not, these could all be signs of a high intellect.

Indeed, the indicators of intelligence are often less about traditional measurements like grades and test scores, and more about habits, quirks and even characteristics that some might see as flaws!


Well, ready to take a deep dive into these seven surprising signs you’re genuinely intelligent?

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Pychology: unlock your brainpower with 7 surprising signs you're genuinely intelligent
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We’ll explore each of these together, comparing your experiences with these unexpected marks of brainpower.

Who knows, by the end of this, you might realize you’re smarter than you thought!

1. Daydreaming

Ever find yourself lost in thought during a meeting, a long drive, or when you’re supposed to be studying?

Some might call this daydreaming a sign of a lack of focus or even laziness, but it could also be an indicator of a high intellectual capability.

Research suggests that daydreaming can be linked to high levels of intelligence and creativity, as this mental wandering allows your brain to wander and connect dots in new and innovative ways.

2. Staying up late

Are you a self-proclaimed night owl?

Even if your late-night habits are seen as unproductive or unhealthy by some, they might actually be a sign of superior intellect.

A study has shown that individuals with high IQs are more likely to be nocturnal than those with average IQs.

3. Crafting offbeat jokes

Do you often find yourself being the source of laughter in your group?

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Turns out, your ability to make offbeat jokes might be an unexpected testament to your intelligence!

Humor, especially the ability to understand and create it, is intricately linked to problem-solving skills, abstract reasoning, and a high level of social intelligence.

4. Being messy

Is your workspace far from tidy?

Your messy ways might not be a sign that you’re disorganized, but rather that you’re highly intelligent.

Research shows that individuals who prefer disorder often have higher IQs and demonstrate more innovative thinking.

5. Questioning everything

Do you have an insatiable curiosity, constantly asking why things are the way they are?

Questioning everything is not just a sign of being annoying or inquisitive.

It’s a hallmark of intelligence, as it shows an active, engaged mind that seeks to understand and learn more about the world around it.

6. Being adaptable

Are you easily adaptable to changes and unfamiliar situations?

Adaptability is often overlooked as a sign of intelligence because it’s seen as a survival trait rather than an intellectual one.

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However, being able to adapt quickly and efficiently requires a certain level of mental agility and problem-solving ability, both signs of high intellect.

7. Being forgetful

Do you often forget things like where you left your keys or what you had for lunch yesterday?

Before you worry about your memory, consider this: forgetfulness can actually be a sign of intelligence.

The reason is that intelligent brains are better at decision-making and filtering out non-essential information.

So, have you found yourself nodding along as you read through these signs?

Ever wondered how your intelligence stacks up?

Well, it might be more surprising than you think!

Unlocking your brainpower doesn’t necessarily mean scoring perfect grades or impressing everyone with your trivia knowledge.

It can be about embracing your quirks and understanding that these could be signs of superior intellect!


But remember, this article is for information purposes only and should not be considered expert advice.

Continue embracing your unique intellect, after all, intelligence does come in different shapes and sizes!

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