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Personality test : uncover your inner light creator – take the magical personality test!

Welcome to the world of fun personality tests!

These light-hearted, engaging quizzes are designed to reveal nuances of your character and provide insights that can sometimes surprise you.

While not scientifically proven, they often hit the nail on the head with their interpretations.

Moreover, they’re just a blast to take and share with friends.

Your magical guide to self-discovery

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s presenting our unique personality test based on images of an angel, fairy, or queen!

This isn’t just any personality test.

This is a magical journey that delves deep into your psyche and reveals your inner light creator.

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The rules are simple: Look at images numbered one to three without too much reflection and choose the one that resonates with you the most.

Your chosen image will then reveal fascinating facts about your personality traits linked to being a light, magical creator.


Personality test : uncover your inner light creator - take the magical personality test!
© Idxmatrix

Image one: the angel

If you chose the first image, you connect with the angel archetype.

This speaks volumes about your compassionate and nurturing nature.

You have a deep-rooted sense of wanting to help others and bring about positive changes in their lives.

You’re often seen as a beacon of hope and comfort, always ready with a kind word or gesture.

Your ethereal outlook towards life sets you apart from most and your ability to see good in all situations makes you truly angelic.

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Image two: the fairy

If image two was your pick, you resonate with the fairy archetype.

This indicates that you have a playful spirit full of whimsy and wonder.

You have a natural curiosity about the world and a desire to explore and learn.

Your imaginative and creative energies are boundless, making you a beacon of positivity and joy.

Just like a fairy, you have the magical ability to sprinkle happiness wherever you go!

Image three: the queen

Choosing the third image signifies that you identify with the queen archetype.

This reveals your strong leadership qualities and your regal charisma.

You command respect and admiration from those around you due to your confidence and grace.

Your ability to create order out of chaos and lead with wisdom sets you apart.

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Just like a queen, you are a magnetic personality who creates magic in every situation.


Personality test : uncover your inner light creator - take the magical personality test!
© Idxmatrix


Thank you for illuminating us with your inner light

We hope this fun personality test provided some insights into your magical creator traits.


And remember, whether you’re an angel, fairy or queen, each one has its own unique magic that makes you special.

Thank you for taking time out to discover more about yourself.

We encourage you to share this test with your friends and loved ones so they too can uncover their own magical traits!

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