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Personality test: discover what your favorite color reveals about you

Ever wondered what the colors you’re drawn to reveal about your personality? Fun personality tests like this one are based on the idea that our subconscious minds are attracted to certain colors, and these colors can reveal a lot about our personalities.

While these tests should be taken with a grain of salt, they can still be incredibly interesting and entertaining. Plus, who knows, you might discover something new about yourself!


Personality test: discover what your favorite color reveals about you
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Your color, your personality

This test involves looking at seven different images of colors. Don’t think too hard about it. Just go with your gut and pick the image that resonates with you the most.

Your choice is believed to reveal certain traits linked to intelligence, resilience, and sociability.

1. Red: the deep thinker

If you were drawn to Red, it suggests that you have a deep and analytical mind. You’re often seen as a problem-solver who thrives in intellectual challenges.

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You have a high level of resilience. You’re not easily discouraged by setbacks and failures; instead, you see them as opportunities for growth.

Socially, you may be somewhat reserved. You prefer deep and meaningful conversations over small talk and enjoy spending time alone to recharge.

2. Pink: the resilient optimist

If Pink was your choice, it indicates that you’re an optimist at heart. Even when things get tough, you remain hopeful and positive.

Your intelligence is characterized by emotional intelligence—you’re adept at understanding and managing emotions in yourself and others.

You’re sociable and outgoing. You love meeting new people and thrive in social situations.

3. Blue: the calm strategist

Drawn to Blue? This suggests that you’re a strategic thinker, always planning ahead and considering all possible outcomes.

Your resilience is characterized by your calm demeanor. Even in stressful situations, you remain composed and level-headed.

Socially, you may be more comfortable in small, intimate groups rather than in large gatherings.

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4. Turquoise: the innovative dreamer

If Turquoise resonated with you, it indicates that you’re a creative and imaginative individual. You have a unique way of thinking and often come up with innovative ideas.

You’re very resilient. You’re not afraid to dream big and take risks, even if it means facing potential failure.

In terms of sociability, you enjoy meeting like-minded individuals who can appreciate your creative ideas and dreams.

Personality test: discover what your favorite color reveals about you
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5. Green: the practical realist

If you chose Green, it suggests that you’re a practical thinker. You prefer facts over assumptions and tend to make decisions based on logic rather than emotions.

Your resilience is characterized by your ability to bounce back quickly from setbacks. You don’t dwell on failures; instead, you learn from them and move on.

You’re sociable but prefer meaningful interactions over superficial ones.

6. Yellow: the intuitive empath

If Image 6 was your choice, it indicates that you have a strong intuition. You often trust your gut feelings and are good at picking up on the feelings of others.

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You’re resilient in an emotional sense—you’re able to cope with emotional stress well and can adapt easily to change.

Socially, you’re empathetic and understanding. People often feel comfortable opening up to you.

7. Orange: the adventurous spirit

If you were drawn to Orange, it suggests that you’re an adventurous individual. You love trying new things and aren’t afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

Your resilience is characterized by your ability to face fear head-on. You see challenges as exciting opportunities rather than daunting obstacles.

You’re highly sociable and enjoy meeting people from all walks of life.

Thank you for playing along

I hope you’ve enjoyed this fun personality test and perhaps learned something new about yourself! Remember, though, that this is just for fun—everyone is unique and can’t be defined by a single color or image.

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