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Discover these 10 subtle signs you’re lacking self-confidence and learn how to boost it

Have you ever paused to evaluate your level of self-confidence? It’s not always as conspicuous as we might think. Sometimes, self-doubt and a lack of self-confidence might creep up on us subtly and quietly, almost unnoticed.

No, really! You might have been exhibiting signs of low self-confidence without even realizing it. Trust me, it’s more commonplace than you’d think! It’s the small things – the way you carry yourself, or how you react to certain situations – that can reveal a lot about your confidence levels. Intrigued? Well, let’s delve in a little deeper, shall we?

I once met a woman named Rita, who was an accomplished professional. On paper, she was the picture of success. But, when you spoke to her, the reality was far from this image. She had an inherent belief that she was never good enough.

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No matter what I do, I always feel like I need to do more, work harder. I never feel my work is up to par.

These were Rita’s exact words. Here was a woman with remarkable achievements under her belt, yet she was constantly haunted by feelings of inadequacy.

It can happen, can’t it? We sometimes can be our own toughest critics. This is especially true when we lack self-confidence. But how does one identify these signs early on? Here are some key indications to help you spot them.

1. perfectionism

First off, are you someone who is never satisfied with ‘good enough’? Do you find yourself constantly striving for perfection and failing to acknowledge your achievements? This could be a sign of low self-confidence.

2. doubting your abilities

Do you often doubt your abilities, even when you are competent and well-equipped to perform a task? If your answer is yes, my friend, you might be lacking in self-confidence.

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3. fear of failure

Are you terrified of failure to the point where it hinders you from trying something new? This fear might stem from low self-confidence.

4. need for validation

Do you find yourself constantly seeking approval from others? A need for external validation might be indicative of a shaky self-confidence.

5. comparing yourself to others

Are you always measuring your worth based on other people’s achievements? This comparison game isn’t healthy and reveals a lack of self-confidence.

6. avoiding confrontation

Do you avoid confrontations at all costs? If you find it hard to express your opinions or defend your viewpoint, low self-confidence could be a possible cause.

7. neglecting self-care

Are you neglecting your personal well-being? A disregard for self-care often mirrors low self-esteem and confidence.

8. procrastination

Are tasks frequently piling up because you keep delaying them? Frequent procrastination might be a manifestation of low self-confidence.

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9. over-apologizing

Are you someone who apologizes excessively and unnecessarily? Over-apologizing often stems from a feeling of inferiority and, you guessed it, low self-confidence.

10. struggle with decision-making

Do you often struggle with decision-making? If you continually second-guess yourself or fear making the wrong choice, it could be a sign of low confidence.

If you find yourself nodding along to these points, remember you are not alone. A lot of us grapple with low self-confidence at various points in our lives. But identifying these signs is the first step towards addressing them. Just like Rita, with awareness and effort, it is possible to rebuild your self-confidence.

Please remember though, while this list can offer insights into your self-perception, it is not definitive, and it most certainly does not replace professional advice. I am merely a fellow traveler on this journey. Consult with a professional if you believe self-confidence is an area you struggle with.

Michael H. Clifton
Written by, Michael H. Clifton
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