These bright young students came to join Rep. Welter for lunch last Friday. It was a great opportunity to hear what they are learning in their classes as well as all the local activities they are involved in!
The students were so excited to share their plans for the summer and what they will be doing after graduation. 

I was honored to join my colleagues Representative Lindsay Parkhurst, Senator Sue Rezin and Congressman Adam Kinzinger at the Grundy Economic Development Council Legislative Breakfast.
We are very focused on building the economy and jobs in 75th District and its surrounding areas.
I was honored to hand out Illinois State Scholars Certificates last week at Morris High School. This was such a large group of talented students I am sure will go far.
To see all the State's Scholars and to read about the criteria for this lofty accomplishment visit the Illinois Student Assistance Commission website here.

Thank you to everyone who attended our Property Tax Assessment Workshops this weekend.
We appreciate everyone coming and learning how to understand and appeal their property tax assessments.
If you missed the event please contact our office through our contact form to get more information.