Rep Welter Passes First Bill

On Friday, State Representative David Welter (R-Morris) passed his first piece of legislation out of the Illinois House of Representatives. House Bill 466 amends the Mobile Home Local Services Tax Enforcement Act to bring uniformity between the Act and the Property Tax Code in regards to the period to file petitions for tax certificates of title. The proposed changes will provide greater clarity to county tax collectors and tax purchasers.

“This bill simplifies the filing process for taxpayers and for county treasurers,” said Representative Welter. “Should this become law, it will provide a common-sense change for everyone involved in the filing process.”

Under current law, mobile home purchasers have from 3 to 5 months to give notice of a tax filing to interested parties.  However, in the Property Tax Code, purchasers have from 3 to 6 months to give notice to owners and interested parties.  This change will make the filing and notice timeframes consistent between the two statutes, effectively bringing the process of filing taxes for a mobile home in-line with that of filing taxes for a traditional house.

HB 466 passed the Illinois House unanimously and now moves to the Senate.